Multifaceted, multitalented, multicultural.

Kavita Shah is naturally this, all her.

 In this Episode,  host Pablo Aslan speaks with Kavita Shah about her life long pursuit of knowledge and expression, and how she manages to juggle both . They talk about the role of music in the community, and of serendipitous ways to find yourself.
Pull up a chair, she’s got stories to tell.

Born in Colombia, raised in Venezuela, and after more than 20 years in the city, a New Yorker, guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer Juancho Herrera creates a worldly Latin music, rooted in folkloric traditions but informed by jazz and global styles. He calls it connecting the dots. In this week´s edition of the Ori-Gen Podcast, Herrera shares his global vision in a conversation in English and Spanish with hosts Pablo Aslan and Fernando González. Latin music for the 21st century. Please join us.